Sunday, April 16, 2017

Monte Grande

Queridos amigos,

First off, I´m so sorry that I´ve been falling short in the email department. Things have been so crazy busy that I haven´t had time. Thank  you for your patience and love.

A lot has happened since I last wrote, and seeing as I only have about 5 minutes left, I´ll do a few points:

-I had my first embarassing spanish error where I asked for diapers instead of tissues....
-We had a week with two sisters that don´t have an area but visit the hermanas to help them out for a week.
-We found a few new investigators that have a lot of potential.
-Hermana Johnson and I ate peanut butter!!!!!
-We made no bake cookies with the peanut butter!
-I got transferred to Monte Grande yesterday and I´m now with Hermana Santos who is from Brazil
-I am now a sister training leader, which means I´ll be having a lot of exchanges with other hermanas in the mission

I´m so incredibly grateful for the time that I had in San Vicente. It will always have a piece of my heart. I met the most amazing people and I grew so much in so many ways.

I´m also grateful for my time with Hermana Johnson. She is the most amazing person ever. I will miss her so so so much. She was a true companion and friend.

I´m excited for this new change and I hope that I can achieve a lot in my new area.

I love you all!

con amor,

Hermana Chaffin

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