Monday, April 11, 2016

Tres Semanas - Three Weeks

This week has been wonderfully crazy and fun. Monday, my stake president called me to let me know that the MTC had contacted him and moved back my reporting date. Apparently after I called for my spanish evaluation they needed to place me in a different class than what they had originally planned. So, now I'll be in the intermediate class and reporting June 1st instead of May 11th.

When I first got the news I was incredibly upset and devastated. I finally got my call and then it got pushed back! I couldn't believe that this was happening! So, after 20 minutes of self pity and grief I blinked back the tears and looked at this as an opportunity to prepare more before I go to the MTC. Now I have an extra 3 weeks to study my scriptures more in depth and to study PMG more.


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