Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Topsy Turvy

Well, it happened again, the game plan changed.

This week has been fantastic. Monday was my last day of work at Chinook Dental and everyone surprised me with flowers and pizza.
Tuesday was even better! I got my braces off! It's an amazing feeling that I can't even describe. I'm so happy with how my teeth turned out and I'm grateful that my dad was willing to do it for me. Putting up with all the pain and inability to eat really paid off. Below are the before and after shots of having braces.
Wednesday (today), has been a bit different. I got up at 6:00 (still sleepy with my bed strongly calling my name) and read my scriptures. Whoop whoop for mission prep. After showering and eating a breakfast of champions (delicious blueberry pancakes smothered in syrup). 

I decided today was going to be super productive. I gathered all of my mission supplies and suitcases and began sorting, folding, vacuum-packing, and organizing. I separated my stuff into the following categories: Stuff I'd need in the Provo MTC, Stuff I wouldn't get into until I made it to Argentina, and Extras (toilitries, towels, laundry stuff).  Guess what? It was all under weight!!! Yay! 

Once that project was done, I moved on to packing all fo the stuff in my room that I won't need while I'm away so that it's out of my family's way. Sometimes I can't believe how much crap I have, although it was nice to reorganize my college stuff.

After boxing all but my bedding, I ate lunch and took a well deserved break. And that's when I got the phone call....

President Pfile is the sweetest guy ever and I love him to pieces, but when I get a call from him it's usually a little life-altering. For instance, telling me that my reporting day got pushed back like he did a month and half ago, or that my MTC had been changed, which is the news I got today. That's right folks, I'm now going to the Argentina MTC (or should I say CCM a.k.a. Centro de Capacitacion Misional). So yay! Stress level went up a bit, but no biggie. I'm just rolling with the punches :)

I'm supposed to get a call from the MTC soon, so I'll let ya'll know what's up later.

Gracias for reading!

-Soon to be Hermana Chaffin

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