Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hermana Chaffin at it again

Hola todos!

This week has gone by soooo much faster than the last one. I feel like I can actually put in everything that has happened this time.

Last Thursday after I email all of you, my district went to the temple. It was a wonderful experience and I am so glad that we get to do that a few more times before we leave.

Friday was pretty mellow, it was hard to focus after having a day off, but it was so nice to have a schedule again.

On Saturday, Hermana Rios (my morning spanish teacher)  took us over to the temple hostel where people stay if they have traveled a long way to go to the temple. Each companionship had to talk to 5 different people and share a short message. It was awesome! We were able to understand so much after just 2 weeks of being here! All of the Latinos (and the one group of norte americanos that has been here for 3 weeks) got to go out proselyting. So, it was just two districts of norte americanos here at the CCM for several hours.

On Sunday, we got to walk around temple grounds again (I did take photos, and I will send them when I am able to).  That evening we had a devotional with the President of the CCM and our district did a musical number. We sang Nearer my God to Thee in Spanish for the 1st and 3rd verse and then Hermana Warnock and I sang the second verse in English.

I did not write down what we did Monday and Tuesday, and I do not remember what happened, so I will move on to Wednesday. The two norte americano districts that arrived June 2nd made a goal to speak only in Spanish on Wednesday, and it was amazing! I could not believe how much everyone has progressed. The Lord is truly blessing our efforts.

Today has been wonderful as well. We went to the temple at 8 this morning and afterwards had lunch. The food here is amazing! I love it so much!!! They leave two bowls out in the cafeteria at all times, one with Argentine rolls and the other with assorted fruits. The bread is soooooo good!

Before I go, here is a quote a fellow sister shared with me last week,

It comes from the Ensign in 1995. A talk given by Harold G. Hillam titled. 'Sacrifice in the Service'. In response to the question why missionaries serve:
"It's because they have a testimony of Jesus Christ. And when they know Him there is no bed too short or too hard, no climate too hot or too cold, no food too different or language so strange that they are unwilling to serve Him. No sacrifice is too great to serve the Master, who sacrificed his all to provide the way for His brothers and sisters to return home to their Heavenly Father. And because they are faithful to their callings thousands will revere their names throughout the eternities."

I know that I am where I am supposed to be.


Hermana Chaffin

John 16:33

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