Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Time Marches On

Dearest friends and family,

This week was another glorious week! I am so blessed to be here in Buenos Aires working for the Lord. It truly is the best job, the hours are long, the stress is high, but the joy is immense.

We haven´t found a lot of people to teach, and the ones we do find aren´t home at the times we make appointments.... There are many wonderful people willing to hear our message, they just never seem to be home.

We visited Soledad this Tuesday, and discussed her baptism. She is excited for this, and committed to stop smoking entirely. She says that she wants to be a better example for her children and show them the right things in life. She has changed so much in her life since she met the missionaries. We had an appointment with her on Saturday, but she wasn´t home. We called her, and she said that something came up, but that she would see us at church on Sunday.

We traveled (bus, train, and walking) for an hour on Sunday to help her make it to the chapel on time, but when we got to her house, she didn´t answer our knocking or phone calls. We waited for 40 minutes but she never showed. It was a very long trip back to the chapel. It is so sad when people miss out on opportunities to feel the spirit more in their lives. Hopefully we can meet with her tomorrow and see what we can do to help her attend church.

Last Monday we had our district activity, and it was a blast! We played ping-pong and foosball (not sure on spelling) and then ate pizza! After everyone had eaten, we played soccer, and I made a goal! It was so fun to relax and spend time with other people. My companion is great, but sometimes I need to hear other people. Afterwards, we shared photos of our families and ate icecream. It was perfect.

Friday, we had exchanges (where we trade companions for a day) and I went to a different area with Hna. Latoja and Hna. Menezes (they are in a trio, so I got to be with 2 new people!). I had a blast! It is so fun to meet new people and see how they do things in the mission. I can´t wait for my next exchange. Hna. Latoja is from Chile and Hna. Menezes is from Brazil. They both speak a little bit of english, and were showing off what they know. My favorites were "Jesus is my friend and God is my bestie", "Don´t make me come over there!", and the endearing, "Good-night buttheads". I don´t know who´s been teaching these sisters, but I guess you´ve gotta start somewhere.

Today we have a zone activity in Lanús. We  are going to eat asado!!! Asado is what Argentina is famous for. It is basically barbecue, but better. The meat is AMAZING! We will also be doing some form of physical activity and then go about doing the rest of the things we need to do (groceries, etc).

While this week has been fantastic, it has also been incredibly difficult. I´ve gained a greater appreciation for leaders, hard work, and patience. I hope that everyday I´m improving and that I can return better than I left. I know that God is aware of our needs and that He will support us in our trials.


Hermana Chaffin

1 Hna Menezes y Latoja
2 The dolls Hna. Menezes put above my bunk to scare me
3 Silly smiling sisters

It is better in prayer to have a heart without words, than words without heart. Mahatma Gandhi

God is greater than your greatest need
C. Mervyn Maxwell

If ye are prepared ye shall not fear

Doctrine and Covenants 38:30

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