Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Queridos amigos,

Buen Día! Man, it is super hard to type in english after a week of total spanish. Haha hopefully you all can forgive my spelling and grammar mistakes.

This week was absolutely amazing!!! I seriously love my companion. She is a rock star! I love her so much. I love her work ethic and I love that she is super diligent in the work. We´ve seen a lot of success these past 2 weeks, and I´m excited to see what we´ll have this week.

We had 2 lessons with Oscar this week. He is progressing a lot, and making changes in his life. Yesterday he went to church again! I think it´s still a little uncomfortable for him, but he always asks if he can come, so there´s something that he likes.

Yesterday was Mother´s Day here. It was really weird to be walking among the streets and seeing all of the families walking together and not being with my family. My companion and I felt really guilty that we hadn´t contacted our moms yesterday when we realized that it wasn´t really mother´s day for our mothers. Haha the mission changes a lot of things. So, once we realized that our mother´s weren´t at home awaiting a phone call, we were able to focus more and continue sharing the happiness of our message.

Today we have district activity. Somehow I got put in charge of it, and I´m sure it will be a blast. We´re going to eat pizza and everyone is bringing a dessert. Then, depending on the weather, we will play soccer or volleyball and then pool and ping pong. It should just be relaxing and fun.

My companion and I made chocolate chip cookies for our dessert. This was the first time that I made cookies in the mission and they turned out pretty good considering brown sugar really doesn´t exist here. So, we added a little dulce de leche to the dough, and I think they´re pretty tasty. I´ll try to send photos if this computer decides to work.

Hermanas Walker and Hernandez moved out of our apartment yesterday, which is bittersweet. I had such good times with them. It will be nice to have more time in the bathroom and more one on one time with my companion, but I will miss them.

That´s it for now! I love you all!

Keep smiling,

Hermana Chaffin

"My people must be tried in all things... he that will not bear chastisement is not worthy of my kingdom" D&C 136:31

"Many men owe the grandeur of their lives to their tremendous difficulties" - Walter Spurgeon

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